Manannan repairs earlier than originally planned

The Ben-my-Chree and the Manannan

The Ben-my-Chree and the Manannan

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The Steam Packet announced today that it would carry out repairs to Manannan earlier than originally planned.

Manannan has been operating on reduced power since suffering a mechanical issue with one of her four engines, adding about 20 minutes to each journey and leading to revised departure schedules.

It was planned to take Manannan out of service for up to three days in mid-September to allow a full repair to be undertaken.

However, the Steam Packet Company says the time out of service can now be reduced.

Chief executive Mark Woodward said: ‘When this mechanical failure occurred, we estimated the vessel would be out of service for up to three days to allow us to strip-down the affected engine, remove and replace the damaged parts, and then re-build and re-commission the engine.

‘Our engineers have been working with specialists to try and find a way of reducing the repair time so we can get Manannan back to running at full power as soon as possible.

‘We believe we have identified a solution which, by committing and carefully scheduling additional resources, will reduce the time Manannan needs to be out of service and allow us to bring the repairs forward.

‘As much of the work as possible will now be carried out while Manannan is in port overnight, and we will therefore only lose one Liverpool service on Wednesday, August 6.

‘This should avoid the need for the vessel to be removed from service in September.

‘If all goes to plan, it is expected to take approximately a further two weeks, working each night when the ship is in port, to re-build and re-commission the damaged engine. Manannan should then be back to full power during the busy Festival of Motorcycling period.’

Because of this earlier completion date for repairs, it will no longer be necessary to take Manannan out of service in September as previously advised. All sailings in September will now proceed as scheduled.

The Steam Packet says it is making every effort to contact passengers on the Liverpool sailing of August 6 to offer them alternative sailings.

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