Manx aid for Nepal flood victims

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The Isle of Man is to donate £25,000 to help the people of Nepal.

Flash flooding struck the Himalyan republic last month.

One of the worst affected areas was the village of Kharpani in west Nepal.

More than 40 people were killed and 40 are still missing. It has been reported that all the buildings there were destroyed, with cars, buses (including a school bus), trucks and tractors swept away by the water. A recently opened suspension bridge that connects the village to the secondary school was also damaged.

The area is located close to many schools and projects that have been supported by the Manx charity Pahar Trust Nepal.

The funding will help the charity treat injured villagers and rebuild houses, businesses and the bridge using well trained and skilled engineers. Children will also be assisted in continuing their education.

In addition the Overseas Aid Committee also agreed to provide £20,000 to Merlin, the international health charity, which is working in Chad to provide emergency nutrition and health services for those hit by the food crisis there, and £5,000 was to Cyan International to respond to a cyclone which hit a refugee camp in Northern Sri Lanka.

The chairman of the committee, Phil Gawne MHK, said: ‘Given the committee’s previous support for the work of the Pahar Trust in Nepal we are glad to be able to help the people of Kharpani in their recovery from this tragedy.

‘However, I understand that efforts to raise further funds for the area are ongoing and I urge the public to support the appeal.’

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