Manx Independent is in the shops now

This week's Manx Independent

This week's Manx Independent

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The Manx Independent is in the shops now.

Its lead story includes more from the police about the spate of burglaries that has hit the island this week.

Also inside:

We meet a student who wants to sell his art to pay for his college bus fare.

A report on a restaurant that’s been fined £2,500 for breaching work permit regulations

A plasterer appears in court for benefit fraud

Two men’s drink-fuelled escapade ended with a police dog hunt

Man who tried to smuggle cigarettes into the jail

We feature a bagpipe band that wants to increase its membership

A 20-year-old tells a court that a ban from pubs would do him good

More photos of the recent event at the Hyperbaric Chamber.

With your seven-day television guide, two pages of What’s On and 12 pages of sports action, the Independent is a great read this week.

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