Manx Meats pulls out of Tesco

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ISLE OF Man Meats has suspended selling Manx meat at Tesco.

The decision comes just six weeks after the company received approval from Tesco to recommence sales following an 11 month absence of selling the local meat in the store.

Because of the small amount of Manx meat that Tesco is selling and the costs to prepare it and package it, the company decided to take Manx Meat off the shelves in Tesco to avoid a potential knock on increase in price of Manx meat to customers.

The Isle of Man Meats chief executive John Dawkins, said: ‘This is obviously very disappointing and a decision we have reached after very careful consideration.

‘However, the small volume of Manx meat that Tesco is selling, coupled with the substantial bespoke costs to prepare it , particularly in the administration and packaging associated with supplying to their exacting specification, means the situation is unsustainable for a small company such as ourselves.’

He added: ‘It is not acceptable to pass the additional costs generated by servicing the minimal volume required by Tesco on to our other customers, which as a “knock on” could increase the price of Manx Meat for all local consumers, something we are faced with doing if we are to ensure the long term commercial viability of the plant.’

Recently local retailer Shoprite announced that it is only stocking 100 per cent Manx red meat in their stores, Isle of Man Meats are very pleased with this news.

Mr Dawkins said: ‘Over the past year we have established a strong relationship with Shoprite and we look forward to working closely with them to jointly grow our sales of Manx meat with its high quality and transparent provenance.’

The company also reports that sales to local independent butchers remain strong.

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