Manx mix-up a sign of the times

John 'Dog' Callister with the sign

John 'Dog' Callister with the sign

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What’s in a name?

Quite a lot, according to a dogged Kirk Michael resident who has persuaded commissioners to reverse their position - and swap a road sign that had got its Manx all muddled up.

John ‘Dog’ Callister contacted the Commissioners when he spotted a new sign for Mull View in the village which shows the Manx translation for the English the wrong way round - ie Meayll Reayrt rather than Reayrt Meayll.

The sign replaced an earlier one with the correct Manx translation which was damaged by last year’s heavy snow.

John said: ‘The first time I drove up that road I straight away thought “that’s the wrong way round!”

‘The sign that was there previously was damaged in the snow but it was in the correct order. I contacted the commissioners and got a letter back saying there are more urgent matters they can spend their money on.

‘I agreed with that but my argument was that if they put up a sign saying Michael Kirk would there be more pressing priorities than replacing the sign? It wouldn’t last two minutes! To be truthful a lot of people wouldn’t notice. Everybody says its somebody else’s fault.’

He said if ‘push came to shove’ he and other like minded villagers would have put in a fiver each to get the sign replaced. However, it seems they won’t have to reach for their wallets.

Deputy clerk to Michael Commissioners Judith Corlett said a replacement sign had been ordered. She said: ‘We’re just waiting for it to arrive to get it fitted.’

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