Manx whistleblower website goes live



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An organisation that’s promising to give a platform to people to expose wrongdoing and corruption in Manx life has set up a website.

ManxLeaks says Manx citizens can now submit sensitive, exclusive and authentic documents in a ‘fully secure and anonymous way’.

It says it is ‘a mix of experts and professionals from various business areas including law, finance, journalism, communication, security and IT’. has no way of authenticating its claims since its emails and information have all been sent anonymously to us.

An email from the organisation says it is giving Manx people tools that can help improve access to information as the Isle of Man suffers from a lack of transparency and ethics at the political and institutional level.

‘Manx laws restrict access to information through the constraints they impose upon journalistic work, too often ending up harming the public’s right to information,’ it says.

The press statement adds: ‘ManxLeaks has set up rigorous methods for processing documents. These methods are based on international models that have already proven themselves. As internationally, ManxLeaks will work in collaboration with the Manx media in certain publications of documents.

‘ManxLeaks calls upon all members of the Isle of Man who have sensitive, exclusive and authentic documents in hand, that are printed, photographic, video or audio, to come into contact with our organization through our fully secure site and anonymous submission platform.

‘For the submission of documents, ManxLeaks utilises Tor hidden services and uses PGP for email exchanges. ManxLeaks does not encourage information theft or piracy, but promotes the public’s right to information.’

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