Manx YouTube sensations rap up the hits with Coolio

Coolio with Lorcan

Coolio with Lorcan

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Two Manx students have become YouTube sensations with more than a million hits around the world after a top rapper visited their home.

When Melissa Bryan and Lorcan O’Mahony went to a Coolio gig in Preston the last thing they expected was for the rap star to be cooking them dinner, but that’s just what happened.

Melissa, 21, from Douglas, said: ‘He was doing a gig in Preston and we met him afterwards and he said he would come round to our house the next night and cook for us.

‘Obviously, we didn’t expect him to really but when I got home the next night he was there! It’s blown up massively,’ said Melissa.

‘He was a really nice guy, he cooked us a three-course meal with some of his own recipes including ‘Coolio’s Caprese Salad’.

‘The BBC and ITV have been round to see me, Perez Hilton has messaged me on YouTube, it’s been mad!’

Lorcan, 23, from Douglas, said: ‘I came home to find Coolio there, it’s bewildering! I’ve had NBC and USA Today calling, it’s been the most bizarre 48 hours of my life.

‘After the meal he was doing the washing up and I asked if him if I could play Gangsta’s Paradise on my guitar with him and he said sure.’

To view Melissa and Lorcan’s video , visit Youtube and search for Coolio.

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