Marine Parade sale must benefit Peel, says commissioner

Skate park, tennis courts and bowling green on Peel promenade

Skate park, tennis courts and bowling green on Peel promenade

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A Peel commissioner has moved to reassure town residents about any sale of the bowling green, tennis courts and the Marine Parade area at the end of Peel promenade.

Local businessman Stephen Moore expressed his concerns in the letters section of the Manx Independent on March 26 about a rumoured possible sale.

Mr Moore said in his letter: ‘I must state I am against the sale of this public asset. The land below the headlands creates a run of open space that combines to make a lovely area. The bowling green also falls into this category of being an easily accessed facility and the cafe is well supported.

‘This whole area blends together with the open green space on the headlands that should be cherished and protected.’

Peel commissioner Ian Davison, responsible for recreation, said: ‘There were talks but they are at a very, very preliminary stage. We have stressed that any development would have to be sympathetic to the area and of benefit to Peel people.

‘I have spoken to Mr Moore and the bowlers, nothing is finalised, it would need government approval and then there would be a public consultation, we don’t run a dictatorship like Allan Bell. There are options, it wouldn’t necessarily have to be the whole area being sold. I want the best for Peel so why not have a £100,000 swing park if there was the chance of something like that.’

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