Marshal goes the extra mile to help cow deliver her calf

James Crowe and calf at Ballacrye

James Crowe and calf at Ballacrye

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Deputy sector marshal James Crowe went above and beyond the call of duty on Monday during a break in the racing.

Positioned at Ballacrye, in Ballaugh, he went to the aid of a cow which was struggling to give birth.

James, of Balleigh Park, in Ramsey, said: ‘The calf was half-way out. I just helped him out, he was a bit twisted.’

He said it took the calf a little while to ‘recover and settle down’. Later on, James, who works for Treasury, said the calf was on his feet and feeding from the cow.

James, who has been a marshal for 30 years, said he had helped birth a cow before – but it was about 35 years ago while he was at school.

‘It was lucky I’d just had my dinner,’ he said. (Picture: Peter Callister)

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