Massive sports hall would be ‘wart’ on Ramsey view

Keith Kerruish at the proposed site of the new Ramsey sports hall

Keith Kerruish at the proposed site of the new Ramsey sports hall

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A Ramsey businessman is calling for residents to have their say over plans for a new sports hall in Ramsey.

The planning committee will be considering a proposal on Monday (December 8) and Keith Kerruish has already registered his concerns with them.

He feels that the proposed location, next to Ramsey Rugby Club pavilion on Mooragh Promenade, is wrong.

He said: ‘They want a sports hall but they don’t seem to care where or what.

‘I was given the opportunity to speak at a meeting last week and said to the planning committee that they need to go and look at the site before they make any decision, so thankfully they agreed to do that and they will now continue their meeting on December 8.

‘I’ll be attending next week but not speaking, so we’ll have to wait and see what they say after the site visit.

‘I would ask people to look at the plans and register any concerns they have before December 8 with the planning committee, Ramsey Town Clerk or the Chief Minister, so they know how people feel about the proposal. You need to make any objections known before it’s too late.

‘I am 100 per cent in support of a sports hall for Ramsey as the Tommy Clucas Memorial facility in Peel is a huge success.’

But Mr Kerruish’s main concern is the size of the proposal, eight times bigger and three times the height of the rugby pavilion, and says in his letter to the planning committee that such a structure would be ‘a wart on the unique panoramic vista enjoyed to Barrule driving south on Ramsey’s north promenade’.

Mr Kerruish said: ‘I have suggested other sites to them, such as the Mooragh Brooghs nearby and the central government-owned Leighany Field, formerly used by Albert Road School, but so far they have declined to look at other sites.

‘A lot of people want it to happen and I’m not against the sports hall, just the size and location.

You can view the plans here, under reference 14/01115/A

Letters, page 22-23

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