Mastermind producer and passionate Manxman Peter Massey dies

Peter Massey

Peter Massey

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Peter Massey, who has died at home in Dumfries and Galloway, was a passionate Manx man as well as a producer of BBC television’s Mastermind quiz for many years.

Mr Massey, who was 83, was born in Douglas in 1932 and his mother, Florence Christian Kewley was Manx but married Frank Massey, a tourist.

The family moved to live in Stockport where Mr Massey went to Stockport Grammar School but he and his mother visited the island frequently during the holidays and during the war. Mr Massey went to junior school in Douglas and his parents returned to the Isle of Man in retirement.

Mr Massey continued to visit the island on a regular basis where his uncle James Edward Kewley ran a tobacconist’s shop.

As a boy, he was inspired by a career in television or radio after being selected to co-present a youth radio programme with Judith Chalmers. After studying at Manchester University, where he met his wife, Shirley, He was later accepted by the BBC as a radio sound effects man before moving across to television the coverage of major events, the first being the 1966 World Cup followed, in 1968, by the Olympics and the 1972 Munich Olympics.

He covered the first-ever State Banquet from Buckingham Palace, Lord Mountbatten’s funeral, and was BAFTA nominated for his coverage of raising the Mary Rose. He also covered Prince Charles and Diana’s wedding.

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