Meal to raise funds for TT Riders’ Association

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A charitable meal at the Mount Murray is planned for this August.

The event on August 22 coincides with practice week for the Manx Grand Prix and Classic TT and is to raise funds for the TT Riders’ Association which takes financial care of injured riders and families.

Secretary of the TTRA Frances Thorp said: ‘This charity is constantly keeping a watch on any member who may hit hard times financially through accidents, illness or some unfortunate problem that does arise through life. The TTRA is open only to people who have actually started in a TT race, so it has an exclusive membership of about 1,350 around the world at present.’

The meal is being organised on behalf of the Friends of the TTRA, a sister charity to the TTRA, which is open to the public. The meal costs £25 for three courses and a drink. Call Mrs Thorp as soon as possible for tickets on 402505

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