Mec Vannin supports Scottish independence at its meeting

Bernard Moffatt

Bernard Moffatt

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Mec Vannin, the Manx nationalist party, has wished the campaign for an independent Scotland success ahead of the historic vote.

Scotland’s population is to vote on September 18 on whether the country should leave the United Kingdom.

The Mec Vannin annual meeting, held last week, ‘prompted lively discussion on a range of important national issues’ according to a spokesman, including the Scottish issue.

Around 20 people turned up.

The party’s president, Bernard Moffatt, himself a founder member, gave his personal and timely retrospective, in consideration of Mec Vannin’s recent anniversary to mark its half century.

A party spokesman said he suggested the organisation had formed as part of a ‘natural desire for self determination’.

The spokesman paraphrased Mr Moffatt’s words.

‘From those early days, it consistently responded to detrimental policies of successive Manx governments which have now proved to be a disaster.

‘Throughout these 50 years the continuous mantra has been that the Isle of Man must diversify its economic base and not rely so heavily on a narrowly-based, easy money economy that can disappear overnight.

‘The best investment of any nation should be in its people. Dead-end policies have led us to a dead end. As the economic crisis we face bites deeper we will be paying a heavier price.

‘Mec Vannin takes no joy in being proved right.’

It resolved to begin the next 50 years continuing to campaign for policies that were ‘in the best interests of the Isle of Man and its people’.

Officers elected unanimously: Chair Mark Kermode (spokesperson), vice chair Roy Kennaugh, treasurer Paul Kelly and secretary Cristl Jerry.

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