Met Office says we have just enjoyed the sunniest November on record in the Isle of Man

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The island’s meteorological officers say that last month was the sunniest November on record.

As autumn turns to winter, the relatively quiet and settled weather continues, in contrast to last year’s storms.

With 96.7 hours of bright sun burnt onto the cards, it was the sunniest November on record, beating the previous record from 2005. The best day was the 1st with 7.6 hours.

Temperatures were often on the cool side, with a mean daily maximum of 9.8°C; about 1°C below the long term average.

Nights were about 2°C colder than average, with a mean of 4.6°C. The coldest air temperature at Ronaldsway was -1.1°C on onthe 26th.

That was the only air frost, but there were 13 nights with a ground frost – the most since 2010. There was some milder weather at times though – 14.5°C was achieved on the 15th.

Rainfall totalled 69.7mm, around 30% below the long term average for November.

The first named storm of the season, ‘Angus’ passed us by, affecting mostly South East England, but on the following day, the 21st, a depression brought strong, cold NE winds and heavy rain. With a daytime peak temperature of only 6°C, 18mm of rain, and gusts of 41 knots/47mph, it was the wettest, windiest and coldest day of the month at Ronaldsway.

The mean wind speed over the month was 11.7 knots; much lower than the average of 14.2 knots, and the quietest November since 1988. Strong winds hit the island on the 21st, with a peak mean speed measured at Ronaldsway of 28 knots and gust of 41 knots.

There were two days with hail, one with sleet, and no fog or thunder.

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