MHKs to put the case for parliamentary reform at public meeting

Manx political news

Manx political news

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Three politicians are going to discuss parliamentary reform at a public meeting on Monday.

The Positive Action Group (PAG) is to stage the meeting at the Manx Legion Club on Market Hill, Douglas, at 7.45pm.

It describes the MHKs taking part as ‘progressive’.

They are Rushen MHK and government minister Phil Gawne.

In February, Mr Gawne advocated that the Legislative Council be abolished.

Click here for a reminder of that.

Onchan MHK and former Liberal Vannin party leader Peter Karran wants the popular election of LegCo on an all-island basis on or after 2018.

He will present his Legislative Council Reform Bill for its second reading soon.

Click here for a reminder of his stance.

Douglas West MHK Chris Thomas, the newest member of the House of Keys, favours holding a public referendum on parliamentary reform in 2016 and also cutting the number of full-time politicians from 33 to 24.

In its press statement, the PAG says: ‘Each MHK has a different opinion on the type and method of change, but each is passionate that change is needed to reflect a true modern democracy.

‘The three MHKs will each have chance to develop their ideas with active participation from an inquisitive PAG audience.’

The meeting follows PAG’s annual general meeting which begins at 7pm.

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