Milk stolen? Call the police!

Cartoon provided by the police

Cartoon provided by the police

If milk is stolen from your doorstep, the police want to know.

They have issued an appeal for information about the crime after a theft in Douglas.

In the early hours of Tuesday, several pints of milk were stolen from outside the newspaper shop on Brunswick Road.

A police spokesman said: ‘We would like to take this opportunity to remind all stores and persons who receive milk to arrange with Isle of Man Creameries to have the delivery secured.’

Constable Mike Griffiths said milk theft was a growing problem and that people needed to be more security conscious.

He also said that it was ‘essential’ to report the crime to identify patterns and trends in local areas.

The police sent the picture above and said: ‘You do not need to go to the extent as pictured however, a lockbox would go some way to deter thieves from taking your milk.’




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