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Police say more burglaries were reported over the weekend, taking the tally of break-ins or attempted break-ins to 27.

In an update, Inspector Derek Flint said that since Friday January 9, there have been 16 reported burglaries and attempted burglaries in Douglas, Onchan and outskirts, seven in the South, three in the West and one in the Lonan area.

He said: ‘On Saturday evening shortly after 11pm we were on scene at a burglary in Victoria Road, Castletown, within minutes of the offender being reported as being disturbed by the occupant. Officers were actually in pursuit and were very close to catching the offender. Unfortunately he has evaded capture in the area of The Abbey, Ballasalla.

‘We believe that during the pursuit, the offender panicked and was trying to find a location to hide out. If you live in that area, please check your outbuildings and sheds for anything untoward, or any sign that something may have been disturbed. We may be able to gather some evidence from anything that is found.

‘There was a heavy presence of police in the area, so we would appeal to anyone who may have seen anything around there that was suspicious, to contact us and let us know.’

On the same evening, between 6.30pm and 11.40pm a burglary took place in Rhenwyllan Close in Port St Mary while the owner was out. A quantity of jewellery was taken. A further report of burglary was made from another dwelling in the same close, between 6.30pm on Friday and 5pm on Saturday, again when the occupant was not home and jewellery was taken.

Inspector Flint said: ‘We really need to catch these individuals as soon as possible.

‘The public play a big part in being those extra eyes and ears for the patrols that are out there on the ground, and the detectives that are working through the evidence to make sure the case against the offenders is as strong as it can be. Whether it is something that you see happening and you aren’t happy about, or a snippet that you’ve heard about someone being involved, ring us. We will do the rest.

‘It’s important to remember that basic personal security precautions can go a long way to prevent you becoming a victim of crime. Make sure your house looks occupied even when you are out, by using lighting timers for example, and also, get into the habit of locking your doors and windows. We still live in a very safe place. Let’s make it that bit harder for those that want to spoil it.’

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