More disruption likely to Steam Packet services

The Ben-my-Chree

The Ben-my-Chree

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The Steam Packet is warning of more possible disruption to services tomorrow.

The Ben-my-Chree did not sail yesterday (Wednesday) evening from Douglas to Heysham or back again early this morning because of stormy weather.

However, it did sail this morning from Douglas and the rest of the sailings today are now expected to go ahead as scheduled.

But the company has warned that tomorrow’s 8.45am sailing from Douglas ‘is subject to probable disruption/cancellation’.

A final decision will be made at 7am.

The scheduled sailings at 2.15pm tomorrow from Heysham, 7.45pm from Douglas and the 2.15am on Saturday from Heysham are all now subject to disruption or cancellation.

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