More flooding expected today

High tides on Douglas promenade this lunchtime (Friday)

High tides on Douglas promenade this lunchtime (Friday)

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UPDATED STORY: The Isle of Man is being hit by more flooding this afternoon.

Many coastal areas and promenades are closed to traffic and pedestrians as the 3pm high tide of 8.1 metres combines with gale force winds to create a significant storm surge.

High Tides on Douglas promenade

High Tides on Douglas promenade

Parts of Castletown are facing the biggest impact, with flooding expected around the areas of Back Hope Street, Hope Street, Springfield Terrace, Athol Terrace and Milner Terrace.

Douglas and Laxey Promenades and Ramsey quayside are at risk, although water levels in these areas are expected to be about 0.3 metres (12 inches) lower than those experienced during Friday afternoon’s tidal flooding event.

Watch a video of a motorist trying to drive on Douglas promenade here.

The police, fire service, ambulance service, Civil Defence, coastguards, Department of Infrastructure and the Water and Sewerage Authority are working together to try to mitigate potential damage.

All island schools are open as normal.

It is possible that pupils attending Victoria Road primary school in Castletown may be asked to remain in school for a short period beyond the usual finishing time, while the condition of the road is assessed.

arents collecting children from Victoria Road will be able to access the school via the side entrance (the new teachers’ car park) next to Sandfield/Morton Hall.

The crossing patrol officer will be moved to the area to add some extra protection and visibility.

Any parents who are late getting to the school should not panic as children will not be allowed to leave school unaccompanied.

Parents are advised that the road in front and behind the school will be closed to vehicles and pedestrians. Access is only via Morton Hall via Victoria Road opposite the station garage.

See a reader’s footage of last week’s waves in Castletown here.

People in vulnerable coastal areas are being encouraged to take steps to protect their properties and vehicles from potential storm and flood damage.

More than 10,000 sandbags are still in place at key locations and a further 1,000 were distributed yesterday (Sunday) in Castletown and Ramsey.

Members of the public have also been urged to abide by all road closures and to stay away from promenades and harbours where waves of up to 4.5 metres in height – and possibly 5m in Castletown - will be breaking and throwing up stones and other debris.

Some sea defences were breached by Friday’s storms and further structural damage is possible in exposed areas, as winds will be stronger on Monday than those experienced on Friday.

People are asked to keep clear of flood waters, as there may be unseen dangers such as open manhole covers.

Watch storm footage from Laxey here.

Contingency measures have again been put in place to deal with the storm surge and the following roads will be closed to between 1pm and 6pm on Monday –

Douglas: The promenade from Broadway to Port Jack in Onchan

Castletown: Castletown promenade, Back Hope Street, Hope Street, Springfield Terrace, Athol Terrace, Milner Terrace. The car parks next to the Old Grammar School will also be closed. In the event of Victoria Road being closed, it is hoped the road will be re-opened by 3.30pm to allow children to be collected from school.

Laxey: Laxey promenade and Tent Road

Rushen: Shore Road, Gansey, Ballakeighan Road to Gansey Pottery

Ramsey: Ramsey quayside, Parliament Street, Market Square, Ramsey promenades

Roads will be closed to vehicles and pedestrians. The police will be in position at strategic areas and will adopt a commonsense approach once the storm surge starts to abate. It is expected that pedestrian access will be permitted on a phased basis as conditions improve, but some roads may stay closed to traffic beyond 6pm to allow the clear-up operation to take place.

Other areas around the island – including Peel (in particular around Fenella Beach) and Port St Mary will be assessed during the day.

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Members of the public are requested to take heed to road closures, plan their journeys and drive to the conditions.

Extreme caution is also advised for those watching the storms, as some people put themselves as risk during Friday’s extreme weather. The advice from the emergency services is to stay well clear from areas where waves are breaking.

It is also possible that raw sewage could be discharged from manholes, so people are asked to keep out of flood waters.

The emergency services will respond to any incident where people are in danger and can be contacted on 999.

For general help and support with flooding problems or storm damage, where human life is not at risk, the public are asked to call the Department of Infrastructure’s Ellerslie control on 850000.

The high tides after Monday afternoon are not expected to result in the same level of problems, although gales force winds are expected overnight on Monday into Tuesday.

The Isle of Man Bank’s Ramsey branch has shut because of the weather.

For pictures and a report on Friday’s weather, see today’s Isle of Man Examiner.

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