More helpers needed to clean beaches

The Beach Buddies at Port Grenaugh

The Beach Buddies at Port Grenaugh

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The organiser of an island-based beach cleaning programme has described their volunteer workforce as ‘simply fantastic’ and has appealed for more helpers this weekend.

Bill Dale of Beach Buddies said that the response from their volunteers and residents in the area made last Sunday’s effort at Port Grenaugh ‘one of the best events we have ever organised’.

The 39-strong team collected 26 bin bags of rubbish along with oil drums, fishing gear, traffic cones and half a fibreglass boat as they tried to clear the beach after recent storms.

Mr Dale said: ‘With so many volunteers we absolutely blitzed the place in no time. Inside an hour they 
had turned a truly horrendous sight back into a 
beautiful beach, totally clear of rubbish.

‘I think that in more than seven years of running beach cleaning events, this is probably the most effective session we have ever organised. Each and every one of our volunteers has to be praised for setting an example and inspiring others to do the same.’

Beach Buddies provided the team with litterpickers, gloves and bin bags and disposed of the rubbish afterwards, recycling it wherever possible.

Mr Dale reiterated his call for new volunteers to take part in the next Beach Buddies events, taking place in Castletown and at The Lhen this weekend: ‘When you’re a new volunteer you don’t really know what to expect, but Sunday morning was an example of just how truly satisfying and fulfilling it can be to give an hour of your time and see what, collectively, a group of people can do to make a difference to our island.

‘We transformed one of the island’s most lovely small beaches, everyone had a smile of their face and we all went away feeling great. What more do you want from life?’

For tomorrow’s (Saturday’s) event in Castletown, volunteers should meet at the car park near Hango Hill at 10.30am where the team will be divided into two groups which will separately cover Castletown and Derbyhaven beaches.

On Sunday morning the team will meet at the car park close to the beach at The Lhen at 10.30am. New volunteers of all ages are always welcome.

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