More on the floods in today’s Examiner (now with video of flooding in Castletown)

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Today’s Isle of Man Examiner is in the shops now.

The paper has more on last week’s floods and the problems that many are facing as a result of them.

This week's Examiner

This week's Examiner

On page 3, we report on an MHK who is calling for a government minister to resign.

We also report on:

A man who’s been jailed after a fight on Christmas Day

The possibility of more migrants from the EU coming to the Isle of Man.

Plans to create a half-way house for offenders

Nominations opening for police officer of the year

A dog that was swept away during a flood

The Agriculture Minister’s view on live exports.

The Examiner also includes the next part of our series of features about the influence of the Vikings

With business news, all the top action from sport and our lively letters page, the island’s favourite newspaper is a must this week.

The Examiner is in the shops now.

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