Mother tells media of the moment she learned that her daughter had died

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The mother of a teenager who was killed in an accident on Saturday night has told of the moment she heard the news.

Julie Porter was speaking to the media after her daughter, Lucia, a 14-year-old who lived in Onchan, died in a car crash.

Lucia's grandmother and mother

Lucia's grandmother and mother

‘The police knocked on our door at 2am,’ said Mrs Porter. ‘I was fast asleep in bed.

‘It was just explained to me that there had been an accident and Lucia had died. And that was it.’

Mrs Porter and Lucia’s grandmother, Joan, spoke to the media at police headquarters earlier today.

Mrs Porter said: ‘Lucia was just the most amazing, thoughtful, inspirational, beautiful girl that you’d meet.

The scene of a fatal road accident on the Switchback Road

The scene of a fatal road accident on the Switchback Road

‘She was a real joy. I was just very proud of her.

‘People would just comment on her smile because she would just make people feel better about themselves.’

Mrs Porter said she didn’t yet know when the funeral would take place.

‘It will certainly going to be something where we can celebrate where we can be so lucky having known Lucia.

‘It’s important to try to do something her friends can come to as well. They are obviously young people struggling to cope with it as well and I think it would be nice for them to get the closure and take part in saying goodbye to Lucia because that’s what she would have wanted.’

Mrs Porter said her daughter had been passionate about music and was a fantastic singer who loved Bob Marley.

The road on which Lucia died is known as the Switchback road because of its bumpy, undulating surface.

Mrs Porter said: ‘I wasn’t familiar with this area. I’d never heard of it. I’ll never forget it now.

‘We drove up there yesterday to have a look.

‘I can see just by looking at how the road is and how narrow it is and the bumps in the road that it’s just an incredibly dangerous place to drive if you’re going at speed.

‘I really hope, if anything comes out of this, that any parents who’ve got teenagers that own a car, that they will just look at this accident and how tragic it was and speak to their kids and get them to slow down.’

She added: ‘It’s so difficult to find the words to explain how we’re feeling. It’s just completely devastating.

‘But thank you very much for all the support we’ve had and the people who’ve reached out to us to send us messages and offer their condolences - and to the police for all the work they’re doing behind the scenes in the investigation.’

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