Motorist drove without due care and attention, had no vehicle licence and failed to stop after a road traffic accident

News from the courts

News from the courts

A 21-year-old has been fined £700 by a court after pleading guilty to three driving-related charges.

Krasimir Shotinski, of Empire Terrace, Douglas, admitted driving without due care and attention, having no vehicle licence and failing to stop after a road traffic accident.

He was also ordered to pay £50 court costs and had his driving licence endorsed with six points.

A fourth charge of failing to report a road traffic accident was withdrawn by the court.

The court heard how, on April 21 at 10.50pm, Shotinski was driving a Subaru in the rear Palace Hotel car park.

He was driving towards the main entrance when he swerved to the right and hit a parked Mondeo.

The impact caused a split to the Mondeo’s bumper which also became detached.

Shotinski was then said to have driven off, stopping at the front of the hotel to examine his own car, before leaving the scene.

The hotel manager contacted police after the Mondeo was reported as damaged.

CCTV footage was viewed and showed Shotinski, who was working as a trainee croupier at the Palace casino at the time, as the driver who had caused the damage.

When interviewed by police he said that he had been distracted by a noise coming from behind him when he hit the Mondeo.

Shotinski said that he was collecting his girlfriend at the time and admitted that he had not reported the accident or tried to conact the owner of the Mondeo. He said that he had panicked.

Defence advocate Roger Kane, representing Shotinski, said: ‘My client has not sought to make excuses. It was an error of judgement colliding with the vehicle. He has then taken a chance that he wouldn’t be caught. He didn’t think the damage was severe but he recognises he should have reported it and holds his hands up.’

Mr Kane went on to say how Shotinski had a clean licence and had driven in Bulgaria before arriving on the island.

‘His car tax expired on March 31, he is normally a responsible driver, it is something he meant to renew,’ said the advocate.

‘It’s a lesson he will learn from and there will be no repetition or cause for him to be before the court again.’

Deputy High Bailiff Jayne Hughes gave Shotinski credit for his guilty pleas and said that she had noted that he was a man of previous good character.

Mrs Hughes said: ‘You have lost your good character. This is serious because you failed to stop.

‘Had you stopped it is most likely you wouldn’t have been prosecuted. You chose to leave the scene. It is fortunate that because of the CCTV footage you were brought to court.’

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