Motorist whose vehicle hit car drives off without reporting incident

News from the police

News from the police

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Police are asking for help to find a motorist whose vehicle hit a parked car almost a fortnight ago.

It happened in the car park close to the Mona’s Queen monument, Kallow Point, Port St Mary, on the evening of August 1.

The damage cause will cost £1,400 to repair.

A police spokemsan said: ‘Due to the nature of the damage it is impossible that the driver of the offending would not have known that a collision had occurred.

‘Were you in the area at the time? Were you in the vehicle involved in this collision?

‘Vehicle drivers are reminded of their obligation to stop at the scene of any collision and exchange details with the other party.

‘If this is not practicable the matter must be reported to the police as soon as practicable or in any case within 24 hours of the collision occurring.’

Constable Robin Arnold of Castletown police station is investigating.

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