Native speakers of Manx Gaelic

DURING the 1950s, and in order to learn the manx language, Brian Stowell would spend time visiting the likes of native speakers John Kneen and Ned Maddrell.

In the latest edition of our bilingual short video series, Skeeal ny Gaelgey, Brian explains to Manx language officer Adrian Cain the differences between these two great Manx speakers and key characters in Manx history: Ned Maddrell from the south and John Kneen, known as the Gaaue, from the north.

>> Part 1: What is a Celtic Language?

>> Part 2: Where did Manx come from?

>> Part 3: Place Names of the Isle of Man

>> Part 4: The Bible in Manx Gaelic

>> Part 5: Language shift from Manx to English: why?


Future episodes, to appear on iomtoday each Thursday over the next two weeks, will cover the following topics:

The revival of Manx Gaelic</li

The importance of Manx today


Camera operators: Gary Myers and Stephen Parry

Boom operator: James O'Meara

Title music: Scaanjoon, Skeletons

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