Neighbours moved to verse by dilapidated property

Dilapidated house with poem in window, Prince's Street, Douglas. Below, the poem

Dilapidated house with poem in window, Prince's Street, Douglas. Below, the poem

  • by John Turner

An aspiring poet has been moved to verse by the state of a run down property in Douglas.

The house on Prince’s Street, which has lain empty for 30 years and has featured previously in the pages of Isle of Man Newspapers, now bears a rhyming lament on the front window pleading for repairs to be carried out or for the property to be sold to someone for renovation.

The poem ends: ‘You owe to me and to others, Who must live with my state every day, To sell me to visit and fix me, or Please just give me away.

Meanwhile, council leader David Christian said current legislation does not go far enough and householders often did the bare minimum to comply with an order, so the property soon fell into disrepair again.

‘It is a problem that is dragging areas of Douglas down,’ Mr Christian said.

‘Isle of Man Newspapers have been featuring this and more have come to light that are not on our lists.

‘If ever there was a case for this council to compulsory purchase, then this is it.’

Mr Christian said Ribblebank in Sartfell Road was a case in point where an abatement notice to repair and paint failed to address the fundamental problem.

‘We just ask for the basics but we need more teeth,’ he said.

‘The whole elevation of that property needs attention because it is dragging the street down,’ he said

Councillor McNicholl, who is chairman of the Environmental Services Committee which deals with run down properties said the issue gave him more headaches than any other and he too was in favour of compusory purchase powers to be used more extensively.

He said the house on Prince’s Street was subject to an order to do repairs by March 25, but added.

‘Whether it will be done or whether it won’t, remains to be seen,’ he said.


Read the poem in full here




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