Nesting birds threatened by vehicles on beaches

News from the police

News from the police

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Nesting birds are being threatened by people driving on the island’s beaches.

Police have recently been called to Ballaugh, where vehicles are reportedly driving onto the beach.

A spokesman said: ‘It would appear that at least four or five different vehicles (4WDS and motorcycles) are involved.’

At present many of the northern beaches are inhabited by ground-nesting birds which are particularly vulnerable to this type of activity.

‘Intentional or reckless disturbance of these birds is a contravention of the Wildlife Act,’ the police spokesman said.

‘In addition, it is an offence contrary to Section 28 of The Road Traffic Act to use motorised vehicles on the beach.

These offences are taken seriously and anyone found responsible is likely to end up before a court.’

The police appealed for anyone with information that might help them with their inquiries to contact any police officer or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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