New car parking system

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A NEW era starts for Douglas motorists on Monday as council car parks move to a new barrier controlled payment system.

The new system, which starts at 7am on May 16 means motorists will take a ticket at the entry barrier. When they return to the car park this must be inserted into one of the payment machines which calculates the tariff and accepts cash, credit or debit cards for payment.

Motorists need to pay and retain their ticket before driving to the exit barrier which will open when the ticket is inserted into the machine.

There will be no mechanism to pay at the exit barrier but payment machines will be positioned at various points near to pedestrian walkways.

Motorists can also make use of a prepayment system by buying a prepayment card for a one-off fee of £5 from the borough treasurer’s department at the town hall.

The card can then be topped up with credit to pay parking charges and open entry and exit barriers without using the prepayment machines in the car park.

Disabled drivers and contract parking permit holders will also have a similar card to operate entry and exit barriers instead of using tickets and the prepayment machine.

Blue badge holders need to apply to the town hall for their passcard. In return for a £5 deposit they can use the card to open the barriers and park free of charge in the designated disabled parking spaces.

Motorcyclists will be charged the same tariff as car drivers to use the car parks.

The new system will apply to car parks at Shaw’s Brow, the Bottleneck and Pulrose Road.

Attendants will help at peak times initially, and a 24-hour intercom will be available.

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