New commissioners elected without going to the polls

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More commissioners have been elected unopposed in three local authorities.

But there are contested elections still to be held in Lonan and Murray’s ward, Douglas.

In Marown, the board now has a full complement with the uncontested election of Terence Miles, Timothy O’Hanlon and Raymond Sloane. Only two of the five seats were filled in April with Alex Toohey and Alison Lynch returned unopposed.

In Braddan, the remaining seat has been filled by David Dentith. He joins sitting members Andrew Jessopp and John Quaye who together with Christina Corkill and Neal Mellon secured their places unopposed.

And in Bride, the two remaining seats have been filled by Maureen Hodgkinson and Ian Beech. They join Pamela Kinrade and Michelle Edwin and new member James Crook who were elected uncontested in April.

There will be a contested election in Lonan ward Garff on June 14, with candidates Melanie Christian, Stewart Clague and Timothy Kenyon.

And there will be a poll in Murrays ward, Douglas on June 16 with with two candidates - Falk Horning and Kieran Lavery. A third candidate, Keith Teare, has withdrawn.

This vacancy was created when Councillor Claire Wells transferred from Murrays ward to Hills wards in April’s local authority elections.

A feature of the local government elections this year has been a dearth of candidates which has meant that new and sitting members have secured seats unopposed.

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