New members of departments learn their responsibilities

Chris Thomas MHK

Chris Thomas MHK

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MHKs newly appointed to roles within departments have learned what their responsibilities will be.

In the Department of the Environment, Food and Agriculture, Chris Thomas (Douglas West) will take over environment and the Health and Safety Directorate.

Zac Hall (Onchan) will take over forestry, amenities and land and the Wildlife Park.

Richard Ronan MHK, Minister for Environment, Food and Agriculture, will retain responsibility for agriculture and fisheries.

At the Department of Infrastructure, Phil Gawne MHK has given Chris Thomas MHK responsibility for planning and building control.

Juan Turner MLC gets to look after local authorities.

The minister, Phil Gawne MHK, will retain responsibility for Ports and Waste Management.

The existing DoI members are John Houghton MHK and Kate Beecroft.

Mr Houghton has delegated responsibility for highways services and estates shared services while Kate Beecroft MHK (Douglas South) heads up public transport.

MHKs and MLCs get jobs within departments for which they receive 30 per cent more on their basic Tynwald salary of £38,771.33.

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