New red panda arrives at Wildlife Park

The Wildlife Park's new red panda male pictured earlier this week

The Wildlife Park's new red panda male pictured earlier this week

  • by Jackie Turley

Meet Kush the red panda, the latest arrival at Curraghs Wildlife Park.

It is hoped that the one-year-old panda will be a mate for the park’s resident female, Frisco, and that she will produce a cub.

Park manager Kathleen Graham told the Manx Independent: ‘Kush is part of the European Endangered Species Programme.

‘Red pandas are on the vulnerable list as there are only about 10,000 in the wild and the species is in decline.

‘The studbook keeper has recommended that he comes to us.’

Kush is currently in his own enclosure where Kathleen said he was settling in ‘really well’.

‘He’s quite a big chap for his age and he’s got a really nice fluffy coat, he probably needed it when he was at the Highland Wildlife Park in Scotland,’ she said.

‘Red pandas can be a bit secretive and you don’t always see them.

‘But Kush is quite visible. It seems whenever I pass you can see him up on a tree branch or wandering about.’

Frisco currently shares an enclosure with an ageing male – but the two have not mated for some time.

The park plans to introduce Kush to Frisco in January, at the start of the breeding season.

‘The female is old but not that old,’ Kathleen said.

‘The hope is they might produce something.’

Red pandas normally give birth in June or July.

The last time there was a red panda cub at the park was in 2007.




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