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OFFICIALLY sampled and passed by the Purple Helmets motorcycle display team, a new beer brewed specially for this year’s TT hits the pumps of the Creg-ny-Baa this week.

The ale received its high-level endorsment from the team at a launch this week where both sampling and passing was undertaken with enthusiasm.

Creg-ny-Baa general manager Mark Kelly described the new beer as: ‘A nice balance between bitter and mild and has a good flavour.’

He added: ‘The Purple Helmets certainly seemed to like it.’

Named Skid Mark, the beer is available only at the Creg-ny-Baa and the pumps bear the Helmets’ seal of approval as having been ‘sampled and passed’ by the team.

The new beer marks a first for brewers Okell’s because it is the first time a beer has been brewed by them specifically to be sold in only one public house.

The first batch consists of 198 gallons, although more may well be needed at the pub which occupies one of the most popular and famous vantage points on the course.

A Purple Helmets spokesman was perplexed by the meagre quantity: ‘We can’t understand why Okell’s only brewed 198 gallons. The Helmets will get rid of at least 100 gallons, so it doesn’t leave much for the TT fans.

‘They are going to have to rethink this.’

The beer has a full-bodied, hoppy flavour which, according to the Purple Helmets’ spokesman, ‘stimulated their nasal senses and bowels’.

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