New year – new you?

NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS: What's your opinion?

NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS: What's your opinion?

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AS PEOPLE celebrated the start of 2013, it also signalled the start of many New Year’s resolutions.

Many people set themselves personal goals to achieve, whether it is giving up a habit or to get fit and eat more healthy food.

iomtoday went out on the streets of Douglas to see what your opinion is.

New mum Voirrey Mairs, 26, from Douglas, said: ‘They are a good idea but you don’t tend to keep to them. I might stick to it this year because I want to lose my baby weight.’

Mark Edwards, 50 and his wife Wendy, 45, from Douglas, said: ‘You don’t need the new year to change your life, you can do it any time.’

Alvin Harding, 67, from Baldrine, is looking forward to more family time. He said: ‘Resolutions are not something you stick to. This year I plan to travel more than last year and spend more time with my grandchildren. I think a lot of people do New Year resolution’s because the gym is normally full for the first two weeks. Maybe my resolution should be to avoid the gym for the first two weeks of the new year, because people go rushing down there.’

Geoff Corkish MHK is planning on getting fitter. He said: ‘I am going to walk more and use the car less – at my age you need to keep more active. I also want to eat less and be healthier. I enjoy my food, although I don’t eat sweets, so I’m going to have smaller meals. Resolutions are a good way to start the new year. I don’t normally stick to them, each year the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Although one resolution I stuck to was, when at home, never drink before 9pm.’

Claire Shaw, 24, from Douglas, said: ‘I think people have good intentions but I never stick to it. I’ve not bothered having one this year, but in the past my resolutions included going to the gym more, but it never works. I think some people take them seriously until around February, I don’t know anybody who has stuck to one.’

James Horton, 22, from Onchan, said: ‘I don’t really do them, but I think it is a common thing for people to do each year. I don’t see any point in doing a new year’s resolution because I have thoughts and goals on what to do throughout the year. I’ve never started the year with a resolution.’

Sylvia Nicoletti, 22, from London, said: ‘This year I do have one, but I don’t normally. I have two this year: one is to go to the gym every week and the second one is to work extremely well at work. I work as a broker for a model agency. This year I will stick to it because I want to follow up on them, so it just avoids the pain of not doing it. I kind of have the determination to do it this year and I feel I won’t let myself down, hopefully.’

James Haggas, 55, from Douglas, has previously tried out the same new year resolution. He said: ‘It has not crossed my mind to have one this year. For about 10 years I did have one, which was to stop drinking. I stuck to it for about a month but I didn’t feel any better for it. If you want to do something, you can do it if you want. It is a bit like anything else in life. A new year’s resolution only crosses my mind when there it is something I want to do.’

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