Newborns have royal birthday to remember

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  • by Lee Brooks

While the world awaited the birth of the Prince of Cambridge and future Lord of Mann on Monday, four Manx babies arrived to earn themselves a famous birthday.

One boy and three girls were born at Jane Crookall Maternity Unit in Noble’s Hospital on July 22, sharing their date of birth with the future British king.

And there was more than one coincidence with the royal birth when Kate Cowley gave birth to a little girl, Aalin.

Not only does mum Kate share a first name with the Duchess of Cambridge, baby Aalin – which is Manx Gaelic for beautiful – came in at the same weight as the third in line to the throne, at 8lb 6oz.

Proud parents Kate and her husband David, who already have a son called William, were thrilled at the birth of their daughter at 9.44pm.

The baby at Noble’s born closest to 4.24pm – the time of the birth Prince William and Kate’s son – was a little girl, at 7.16pm.

Kate – the Manx Kate – was actually eight days overdue.

‘Kate was due a day before I was, so people were joking saying Aalin was waiting for the royal baby,’ said the new mother. ‘And it happened! Though e didn’t realise the royal baby had been born, we were in the labour suite.’

Kate and her Douglas fireman husband David, said they chose the Gaelic name as they wanted a Manx name, something traditional.’

Their son William was actually born the day after the royal engagement of William and Kate was announced, meaning Mrs Cowley brought home her son amid headlines of ‘Kate and William’ on every national front page, which made for some welcome momentos.

To celebrate the special occasion the Department of Health will be presenting each of the babies born on July 22 at Noble’s with a Manx tartan blanket, embroidered with the date of their birth.

‘That’s a lovely keepsake,’ said Kate upon hearing the news, adding she had heard Isle of Man Bank would be donating hampers too.

‘It’s really nice that everyone is marking the occasion.

‘The whole thing will make for nice memories for when she is older. And there will be some nice photos too!’

David added: ‘Massive thanks to the staff at Jane Crookall, they were fantastic. Especially the midwife Lucy, she was absolutely brilliant.’

Meanwhile in London, a ‘thrilled’ Queen Elizabeth II yesterday paid a half-hour visit to Kensington Palace to meet her new great-grandson.

The new parents left St Mary’s Hospital in west London on Tuesday evening, just under 27 hours after the baby’s arrival, where the Duke said they were yet to name the future king.

The couple described becoming parents as ‘very emotional’.




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