No candidates for vacancy on Peel board

Former commissioner Neil Cushing

Former commissioner Neil Cushing

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Peel Commissioners have received no nominations for the seat vacated by Neil Cushing.

The deadline for nominations passed at 5pm yesterday (Wednesday) without any forms of nomination being received.

Town clerk Peter Leadley said: ‘We will be discussing our next course of action at our meeting on Tuesday so things should be clearer then.

‘We are normally required to have a board of nine but if there were only eight, the chairman has the casting vote so that would not be a problem.’

Commissioners chairman Ray Harmer said: ‘Unfortunately we did not receive any nominations. We are considering options, including a reduction in the number of commissioners, ultimately to seven in the next full term.’

Mr Cushing stepped down from the board through a letter which was read out at the commissioners’ meeting on Tuesday, January 7. He cited personal issues as the reason for his resignation.

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