No need to recognise disabled blue badge scheme, Keys hears

Disabled parking

Disabled parking

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No reciprocal agreements exist between the Isle of Man and the UK or any other jurisdictions to allow disabled blue badge holders parking concessions abroad.

The information was provided by Chief Minister Allan Bell in answer to a House of Keys question from Douglas South MHK Kate Beecroft.

Mr Bell said: ‘I am aware that a holder of a blue badge issued in the Isle of Man had been challenged on the validity of their blue badge in the UK.’

But he added: ‘The European Union’s arrangements for the issuing and recognition of parking cards for people with disabilities are set out in Council Recommendations.

‘These recommendations, which established the current standard blue badge design are non-binding on the member states and do not apply to the Isle of Man.’

He said EU member states were not required to recognise the blue badges issued by other member states, even though they were recommended to do so. Similarly there is no requirement on any member state to recognise a similar looking blue badge issued in the Isle of Man.

The disabled people’s blue badge scheme allows parking concessions for the disabled.

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