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APPROVAL of a housing development for 101 houses in Peel would not result in a bypass around the east of the town, Heritage Homes has said.

Queen Elizabeth II High School, Peel Commissioners and Ballawattleworth Action Group (BAG) all made submissions about their concerns of the road layout at a planning inquiry into the developer’s proposal (10/00544/B).

Heritage Homes needs approval for the second phase of development at Reayrt ny Cronk estate.

While no objections were raised on the estate’s internal roads layout, the commissioners and BAG fear the inclusion of a potential distributor road in the plans.

Six QEII students as well as chairman of the governors Roger Bankes-Jones attended Wednesday’s hearing.

Mr Bankes-Jones said the school was concerned part of the plan – indicative for future phases – shows the final section of the road would be built through QEII’s playing fields.

Vincent Fraser QC, representing Heritage Homes, said: ‘It’s very plain a big concern of local objectors is the potential for this proposal, and the road layout within it, to lead to a distributor road or bypass around the east of Peel.

‘That is not the result of this proposal at all. Heritage Homes don’t propose to provide such a bypass.’

He said: ‘There has in the past been a desire to have a move of this nature and it would be unwise on the part of Heritage Homes to come up with a layout which would completely preclude it.’

The plan was considered by independent planning inspector David Ward as the Department of Infrastructure is involved with the highways side of the application.

Mr Ward said: ‘Whether or not that dotted line points towards the school playing fields or not is a matter outside the consideration of this inquiry.’

He said he also had concerns and planned to raise them with the Council of Ministers, when he makes his recommendation on the application.

One of the problems he faced he said, was that he did not have a map showing the envisaged use of neighbouring land.

He said: ‘There seems to be a proposal to make a bypass of Peel and it seems to be working out very badly because there is no way through at the moment.’

BAG fears Oak Road, a road running through the Ballawattleworth estate, the entrance to which is near the proposed entrance for Reayrt ny Cronk would also form part of the bypass, which could link from the Poortown Road through to the Douglas Road.

Hazel Fletcher, representing the DoI, said in 2000 the then Department of Transport wanted a Peel relief road to be introduced in the next local plan for Peel, which has not been published.

Mr Ward will now write a report with recommendations to the Council of Ministers.

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