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It may not be quite the heatwave predicted for the UK, but the Isle of Man can expect to be basking in temperatures up to 22 degrees by the middle of the week.

A spokesman for the meteorological office said the temperatures were slightly above the Isle of Man’s July average of around 18 degrees during the day, but there was a little way to go to reach the highest July temperature recorded of 28.9 degrees back in 1983.

‘The atmosphere is likely to be quite humid, particularly around the middle of the week but we aren’t expecting to match the temperatures of the south of England,’ she said.

There is a possibility of coastal mist in the mornings but this will melt away, and Wednesday could see some rain showers but this is unlikely to turn into the thunderstorms predicted for the south of England.

Fortunately the thunderstorms also predicted to accompany the humid weather in the south of England are not expected to make it as far as the Isle of Man. Friday should also be warm at 20 degrees.

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