Now the S100 is facing changes

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THE HISTORIC Southern 100 races could move to a weekend slot by next year, but government officials have emphasised no plans have yet been drawn up and nothing is to be imposed on organisers without their agreement.

The government’s head of motorsport Trevor Hussey said discussions had taken place with organisers, the Southern 100 club, over the past couple of years.

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‘One of the ideas has been to move the event into the weekend. The reason for that is simply because we think we will be able to get more people to come and see what is a fantastic event with huge potential if it moves from Monday to Thursday to over a weekend. In every meeting I have attended, the club have agreed with this, in principle,’ he said.

To hold the races on Sunday new legislation would be needed, which Mr Hussey said could not be achieved by 2013. In the meantime racing on a Saturday had been discussed. He said. ‘I have, I believe a good relationship with the club and I have a lot of respect for their event. Nothing has been done or said without their full knowledge and agreement and nor will it be.’

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