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MIKE HENNESSY: A supporter of the Awards for Excellence

MIKE HENNESSY: A supporter of the Awards for Excellence

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WHEN times are tough, pooling resources brings strength.

This is something last year’s winner of the Isle of Man Newspapers Awards for Excellence’s Business Person of the Year knows first hand.

As chief executive of the Isle of Man Chamber of Commerce, Mike Hennessy heads an organisation which aims to support businesses and act as a link between the business community and government.

‘I would say particularly in the challenging times we have in the world economy at the moment – and the Isle of Man is an international jurisdiction – it is good to recognise excellence and to understand that we are doing well overall,’ he said.

‘It’s absolutely right to recognise success – our natural instinct is not to do so and so to have an awards ceremony is ideal.

‘The quality of the Awards for Excellence makes it one of the best dates in the calendar in the island.

‘Year on year it seems to surpass itself, I’ve attended many awards ceremonies and it’s as professional as any I’ve ever seen.’

But what effect does having your name called out as the winner in your category actually have?

‘Most people who win awards see it as a stepping stone towards their overall aims,’ said Mike.

‘It’s not the finishing line, it’s just recognition that you are on the right track

‘It’s a check that the things you are doing are the right things and that the people you are working for recognise that you are performing.

‘I personally work on behalf of others. The role itself would simply not exist without the massive (and voluntary) support provided by business leaders across the entire private and public sector.

‘Indeed, colaborative engagement of the private/public sector is central to many of the activities that Chamber undertakes. Most people who enter have been prompted by others to do so and it’s an opportunity to reflect on what has been achieved and, probably as much, what still needs to be achieved.’

Undoubtedly, as the world economy struggles, businesses have their work cut out for them. In this environment, what kind of successes is the Chamber seeing?

‘I think success is measured in different ways by different people, because all sectors have different challenges at the moment,’ said Mike. ‘For some people, ensuring that their business is viable is a measure of great success.’

Application forms are available at www.iomtoday.co.im/afe.

If you would like to find out more about what entering can do for you, contact Trudi Williamson (tjw(at)newsiom.co.im) or Sarah Radcliffe (sarah.radcliffe(at)newsiom.co.im) or 695695 for more information.

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