Online Isle of Man court judgments site goes live

JUDGMENTS made in court are now available for public viewing online.

Launched today, offers immediate access for advocates, the media and the public to a database of court judgments made in the Island since 2000.

A court judgment is the document which states how the judiciary reached their decision in a case. It does not state the decision or sentence.

The website will include all appeals and civil cases, while criminal and coroner's judgments will be chosen at the discretion of each judiciary.

Deemster Mike Kerruish said: 'This is not for skeet. It is for genuine public and professional interest.'

Courts administrative manager Jock Waddington explained: 'This facility has been in the pipeline for several years. It has been designed so law professionals and members of the public can search for any cases that are similar to their own. It also means a judge in the UK can now use our cases as a reference point.'

With a simple search facility, the website presently includes a selection of nearly 500 judgments delivered since 2000.

Judgments will normally be uploaded to the site within 10 working days of their delivery and will then remain online indefinitely.

Cases involving any children or sexual offence victims entitled to anonymity will not be published online and, for other sensitive cases, a sanitised version of the judgment will be published.

Though pre-2000 judgments will gradually be added to the database, they are available as paper copies from the General Registry Library on 687593 and Tynwald Library on 685520.

The launch of this database marks the completion of the first phase of several ongoing court IT projects.

The next will be the Courts of Justice website which is due to be online in September 2009.


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