Painted horse demonstrations

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Horses painted to show the position of their skeleton and muscles will be used to provide an unforgettable visual aid at demonstrations on Saturday.

Taking place at Grenaby Equestrian Centre, in Castletown, there will be a children’s demonstration from midday to 1pm, followed by a demonstration for adults from 2pm to 3.30pm.

The sessions offer an opportunity to improve your understanding of how a horse’s skeleton moves, as well as how they use their muscles.

The adult session includes a showcase of various therapy modalities, including massage, stretching and JJ bracelets.

A Grenaby Equestrian Centre spokesman said: ‘This unique visual aid will highlight and expand your knowledge of how your horse moves and the therapy modalities that are available from Jo Howie Equine Therapy to help your horse perform to the best of his/her ability or recover from an injury!’

Meanwhile, the children’s session includes a quiz.

Tickets for the event cost £5, and are available to buy on the door.

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