Parking time limit in Peel to change to 1 hour

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NEW 30 minutes parking spaces in Market Place, Peel, are due to be changed to a one-hour limit after unhappy residents voiced their dismay to Peel Commissioners.

The parking spaces in Market Place used to have a time limit of two hours – before the controversial 30-minute signs were put up last week.

Ray Harmer, chairman of Peel Commissioners, said: ‘We have had a lot of feedback since it has been changed to 30 minutes. People would prefer one hour. It is important that we listen to them.

‘I think people thought 30 minutes was not long enough, but an hour would be more appropriate. We have listened to them, so we’ve gone back to the Department [of Infrastructure] and told them an hour would be better.’

The new 30 minutes signs were a suggestion that came out of last year’s traffic consultation. Originally the 30-minute parking limit was going to be placed in Atholl Place, but it was then decided to put the parking changes in Market Place.

Due to the fact that Douglas Street car park is free, it is normally full, so parking in the town remains a big problem.

Mr Harmer said: ‘The idea of the short-term parking was so that people could pop in and out of shops. Market Place is ideal.

‘Although it is great that the parking in town is free, it does mean it is used up all the time, which means there will be no parking spaces if people need to pop into the shops. This is really one of the reasons why the time limit has changed.’

The implementation of the change to one hour is likely to take a few weeks.

Peel Commissioners are due to meet tomorrow (Wednesday) with the Department of Infrastructure to discuss plans regarding parking in Peel.

Mr Harmer said: ‘We are meeting up to brainstorm with the Department of Infrastructure to come up with ideas regarding a multi-deck car park, we will be looking at everything such as how many spaces are available.

‘We need to start planning and thinking about the parking problems. At the moment there are no set plans, but we need to sit down and look at the problems with parking in Peel.’

The Department of Infrastructure is planning on making Derby Road one-way between its junction with Albany Road and its junction with Atholl Place.

They will also make a one-way system up Christian Street from its junction with Atholl Place to its junction with Church Street.

The plans are likely to take place in the next few months.

Church Street will remain two-way for traffic.

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