Pathway for ME diagnosis and support

Kate Beecroft MHK

Kate Beecroft MHK

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The Health Minister told MHKs that her department will try to find funding to improve the diagnosis, treatment and support of those suffering from ME and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).

Kate Beecroft was responding to a House of Keys question from Garff MHK Martyn Perkins who said there were 300 to 350 people suffering with ME in the island.

LibVan leader Mrs Beecroft told the Keys said ME is a debilitating and complex condition with no tests to diagnose it. She said the Commissioning Quality Committee had agreed a pathway for ME and CFS should be developed.

But she added: ‘No resources have yet been identified for service development at this stage. However, it is a recognised need and the department will try to find funding for whatever pathway is decided on in the next financial year.’

Dr Alex Allinson (Ramsey) suggested that telemedicine could be used for the treatment and long-term monitoring of ME so that those with chronic fatigue would not have to make the effort of travelling to see a consultant.

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