Peel board to appeal against 144 house plan

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  • by Alan Vincent

Peel commissioners voted seven to one in favour of appealing against Dandara’s plan to build 144 houses east of Reayrt Ny Cronk.

As we reported last week, the developer has been granted planning approval despite an objection already being registered by the commissioners.

At their latest board meeting, many commissioners were dismayed with the decision to give the go-ahead and decided to appeal again.

Commissioner David Lace said: ‘Are they going to stop before they reach St John’s? I don’t think so. There are far too many houses in Peel already.

Commissioner Ian Davison agreed, saying: ‘The infrastructure simply does not cope with any more houses.’

Town clerk Peter Leadley told the board that the planning committee vote had been 60 to 40 per cent in favour of approving the project.

The commissioners opposition focuses on the fact the maximum number of houses to be built in the west of the island – set out in the Strategic Plan as 1,000 – had already been exceeded.

Only commissioner Alan Jones voted against the appeal, saying: ‘If we go against it we have to do it properly, it’s not cheap to appeal. Delaying Dandara causes extra costs and problems with people being put out of work.’




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