Pizza Hut seeking to launch Douglas branch

A HIGH street restaurant chain is looking for a pizza the action in the Isle of Man.

Pizza Hut has confirmed it is looking to open a branch in Douglas.

Rumours have been circulating that the company, which does not currently have a presence on the Isle of Man, was intending to open its first restaurant here in the near future.

But talk of coffee shop giant Starbucks also establishing itself on the Island has been denied by the firm. A spokesman for Starbucks said there were 'definitely no plans in the near future' to open a shop on the Island.

On Tuesday, a spokesman for Pizza Hut revealed the firm does see a gap in the Manx market but will wait to find ideal premises in the capital.

The spokesman said: 'Pizza Hut is continuously looking for sites for its restaurants. We do have a requirement in Douglas but are yet to secure a suitable site.'


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Hope it as good a standard as the ones in the UK. They are generally clean and have friendly staff.

A nice "cheap and cheerful" place to eat!


At last, it has been confirmed, Pizza Hut are looking to open premises in Douglas. Although the rumour mill has been working overtime for quite a while, it is strongly suggested that they have already earmarked the premises known currently as Strand 58 for a possible restaurant, and with the off-loading of brewery property currently ongoing, this may be a strong possibility.It's about time some of the big UK high Street food chains realised the potential of the Isle of Man, Mc Donald's and KFC have had the market to themselves for too long. All that is needed now, is a Burger King in the centre of Douglas, to give fast food shoppers a diverse Market instead of the limited selection we currently have.


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