Planning approval granted for sludge drying plant

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The Manx Utilities Authority’s new plan (14/00578/B) for a sludge treatment plant at Meary Veg, Santon, was approved by planners.

It comprises amendments to a plan approved in October, including a reduction in the building’s height, length and width.

The then Water and Sewerage Authority had hoped work would start in April.

Part of the Regional Sewage Treatment Strategy, the plant is aimed at making the Meary Veg sludge treatment facility available to treat sludge from regional sewage plants. The drier is being replaced because it does not have capacity post 2016 to treat sludge generated island-wide.

Advances in technology mean it will use less energy, require less manpower and have capacity to treat all island sludge until at least 2033. The facility will comprise a sludge treatment building, odour control plant, sludge cake storage silo, and final product silo.

In the bid it states since October the scheme has gone through the detailed design phase, resulting in ‘optimisation of the layout and operational philosophy’. A thermal dryer is part of the plan, and a boiler room has been added.

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