Police warning after legal high drama at sand racing

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Police news

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Two males were taken to hospital in a serious condition on Friday after taking what police suspect to be ‘legal highs’, commonly bought over the internet.

The incidents happened during the sand racing on Port Erin beach. A third male was treated by paramedics at the scene before going to hospital.

All three of the males have subsequently been released from hospital.

Sergeant Gary Heaton of Port Erin police station said: ‘Upon Police arrival two of the males had already been taken to hospital in a serious condition and the third was being treated by paramedics.

‘As a precaution we cordoned off the area that they were located in and we also recovered a black foil packet which contained a number of small blue and pink tablets with a horizontal line across the tops, there were no other markings on the tablets. The packaging however had the words across the front saying “NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION”.

‘What I would like to say to the public is that just because substances such as this are not illegal it does not make them safe.’

Police have warned anybody coming into contact with similar tablets or being offered them to take not to do so.

If anybody has any information as to what they saw or can help with this enquiry then police would like to hear from you by calling Police Headquarters on 631212.

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