Police warning over ‘banking scam’

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Police news

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Police are warning residents about what they have described as a banking scam.

It was reported yesterday (Saturday), that a customer received a phone call which appeared to be from his bank as the caller ID showed the correct number.

Police say the fake caller asked about possible transactions and then to confirm these details asked the customer for his card details and internet banking codes.

A spokesman said: ‘Luckily, the customer realised this may be a scam and refused causing the phone call to be terminated.

‘He then contacted his bank and confirmed that it was not them that had been in contact.’

He added: ‘It is clear that scams are becoming more sophisticated and that the ability to cloan or send false numbers to phones is a possible option that thieves may use.

‘To repeat the advice we have given previously: Do not give any personal or banking details to any phone call you receive – your bank will not contact you and request anything by phone.’

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