Policy needed on how much property is used for tourist use

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An application for additional use as tourist accommodation at a house in Port Erin (14/00415/C by Mr and Mrs P Naylor) provoked comments at last week’s local authority meeting that there should be a policy governing how much property is approved for tourist use in the village.

Commissioners’ chairman Lorna MacKellar said: ‘We do not have a policy for tourism accommodation in the village. There are more and more applications for tourism, the idea is to create a policy. We think there are 38 to 50 self-catering tourist premises in the village. We support this application, but we really need to try and come up with ideas for a policy, there is nothing in the Southern Area Plan about this. Do we want a village that’s full of empty tourist flats or a community?’

She added: ‘We have got to encourage tourism, but there have got to be guidelines on what the maximum number should be.’

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